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Bottle drives are a quick and straightforward way to raise funds for your organization and can be a great team-building opportunity. Bottle drives also help maintain the health of our environment. When your organization runs a drive, it brings people together to work toward the same cause.

People love bottle drives because it’s an easy way to support a worthwhile cause while also showing support for our planet and its people. So when you’re ready to plan your next event, whether it’s for your Scouts club or to raise funds for a local hockey team, Green Bottle Depot can help. Through our partner, SkipTheDepot, you can even book a virtual drive through their app.

Tips For Planning Your Bottle Drive

Empty Bottles

Step 1: Schedule

Book a bottle drive to schedule your date. Consider hosting your bottle drive on a Sunday or weekday for an even quicker event!


Step 2: Advertise

  • Green Bottle Depot will provide you with advertising tools like door knockers to place in your community (you can download these resources below). Large collection bags may also be available on special request.
  • Consider advertising in your local paper.
  • Contact all potential supporters like large commercial customers well in advance.

Step 3: Collect

Drive door to door and/or set up a single drop off point at a school or parking lot.


Step 4: Return

Our experienced and friendly staff will sort and count all of your containers, provide you with an accurate refund and a detailed receipt.

Downloadable Resources