Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a bottle drive?

Visit our Bottle Drives page to learn more about starting a bottle drive. You can book a bottle drive online.

What is Drop N' Go?

Hate waiting in line to get a handful of cash? Use Drop&Go! Skip the line and get paid online. Drop&Go is a part of SkipTheDepot, an app which makes bottle depot visits quick and simple. It is an easy 3-step process to get started.

1. Download or register for SkipTheDepot

Download SkipTheDepot on the App Store,  Google Play or register online. Find your 4 character customer ID in the app or website. (Example: H4PY)

2. Put your ID on your bags and drop them off

Write your 4-digit customer ID on your bags and drop the bags into the designated Drop&Go area! Carry on with your day.

3. That’s it! Cash out or donate to charity

We will count your bags and credit your account within 48 hours after pickup. We even show you what we counted! You can cash out via Interac e-Transfer or donate your refunds to a local charity!

How much will I get paid for my bottles?

10¢ for container volume 1 litre or less.
25¢ for container volume more than 1 litre.

Visit our refund amounts page to learn more.

Do I need to empty and rinse my containers?

Yes. Please empty all containers and be sure to rinse milk containers. Nobody likes the smell of spoiled milk.

Do I need to flatten my bottles?

You can flatten milk containers and jugs for more space. Don’t crush other containers types.

Do I need to remove tabs and labels?

No, you can leave all tabs and labels on.

How can I make the recycling process faster?

Separating containers in individual bags will speed up the process.

How to separate:

  1. By size (0-1L separate from over 1L containers)
  2. Then by Type (aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass, juice pouches, tetra brik, bi-metal, etc.)

Note: our friendly staff will also do this for you.