Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pick up service work?

With the SkipTheDepot app, you now have multiple ways to return your empties to Alberta bottle depots. One of those options is to schedule bottle pick up services.

The process is pretty simple. But, first, decide if you want to use SkipTheDepot, or, for our Edmonton customers, there’s also the option of Empties to Winn.

After that, you need to either download the app or register online to create a profile. Learn more about the complete process, and the benefit of each program on our bottle pick up services page. You can also book a pick up service online.

How do I start a bottle drive?

Are you trying to raise funds for your organization or a charity of your choice? Then, a bottle drive is a great way to do it. Once you decide if your bottle drive will be virtual or in-person and decide on a location, reach out to your local Green Bottle Depot, and we can help with the rest.

It’s easy to book online using our reservation tools. Visit our bottle drive page to learn more.

What is Drop&Go?

Do you hate waiting in line at your local Alberta bottle depot to get just a handful of cash? Green Bottle Depot locations are proud to work with SkipTheDepot’s app, including Drop&Go services.

With Drop&Go, you can skip the line by dropping off our empties in the designated spot and then get paid online. Drop&Go bottle drop-off is an easy 3-step process to get started.

1. Download Or Register For SkipTheDepot

Download SkipTheDepot on the App StoreGoogle Play or register online. Find your four-character customer ID in the app or website. (Example: H4PY)

2. Put Your ID On Your Bags & Drop Them Off

Write your 4-digit customer ID on your bags and drop the bags into the designated Drop&Go area! Then, carry on with your day.

3. That’s it! Cash-Out Or Donate Your Bottle Refund To Charity

We will count your bags and credit your account within 48 hours. We even show you what we counted. You can cash out via Interac etransfer or donate your refunds to a local charity!

How much will I get paid for my bottles?

In Alberta, recycling depots all pay the same rate for beverage containers. This rate is not determined by product type but instead is based on the container size.

You will receive:

10¢ for container volume 1 litre or less.

25¢ for container volume of more than 1 litre.

Visit our bottle refund amounts page to learn more.

Do I need to empty and rinse my containers?

Yes. Please empty and rinse all containers before bringing them to the recycling depot. It ensures our facility stays clean and free from the smell of spilled beverages and sticky residue. Plus, nobody likes the smell of spoiled milk.

Do I need to flatten my bottles?

You can flatten milk containers and jugs for more space, but it’s not required. Specifically, the containers you can flatten should be composed of plastics, tetra brick or would feature a gable top.

Please refrain from flattening other containers, such as aluminum cans, as this can risk staff and prevent staff from identifying the container. Glass containers must also be intact for the safety of our team.

Do I need to remove tabs and labels?

No, you can leave all tabs and labels on. This helps us identify where you purchased the container. However, only containers purchased in Alberta are eligible for return at Alberta bottle depots.

There are a couple of ways to tell if a beverage container was purchased in Alberta and is eligible for return. First, it will have English and French used on the packaging, and the container will list the amount in fluid ounces. Second, if it is for an alcoholic beverage, it will contain a Surgeon General’s warning about the risks of alcohol during pregnancy.

How can I make the recycling process faster?

You can make your trip to a recycling depot go a little faster by separating containers into individual bags to speed up the process. If you wish to split your containers, we recommend keeping glass containers in their original cardboard packaging and placing everything else in clear bags.

How To Separate:

  • By size (0-1L separate from over 1L containers)
  • Then by type (aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass, juice pouches, tetra brick, bi-metal, etc.)

Note: our friendly staff will also do this for you.