How can we help you?

When you visit any Green Bottle Depot, we want you to know that you can expect the same excellent service, no matter the recycling depot location you visit. This is because our friendly staff holds customer service as a top priority. Whether you want to schedule a bottle pickup service or plan a bottle drive in your community, we’re here to help. Green Bottle Depot makes it easy to organize and plan the event. Contact us or visit our bottle drive page for more information. 

No time to bring your empties into a recycling depot near you? No problem. With SkipTheDepot, you can book a time for us to come by and pick them up for you. We also offer Drop&Go services if you come to one of our locations and find the line longer than you want to wait in. Once you’re registered on the app, skip the line and get paid online.

Pick Up

Pick up service

Need a pickup from your home, business or condo? Let the bottle depot come to you!

Blue Bottle Drive

Bottle drives

Bottle drives are a quick and simple way to raise funds for your organization. They provide a great team building opportunity while contributing to the health of our environment.

Drop off

Drop & Go

Hate waiting in line to get a handful of cash? Use Drop&Go! Skip the line and get paid online. Drop&Go is a part of SkipTheDepot, an app which makes bottle depot visits quick and simple. It is an easy 3-step process to get started.


Top Alberta Recycling Depot

At Green Bottle Depot, we work hard to ensure that your trip to the depot is pleasant. One way we do that is by keeping our facilities clean. For example, we try to reduce the stale smell associated with recycling depots by following a rigorous cleaning schedule. Another way is by employing bottle sorters who are friendly and accurate. When you are looking for the best recycling depot near you, we promise to be at the top of your list of choices.

Recycle Empties Your Way

Do you have to go to the bottle depot but don’t have the time? Do you need bottles picked up from your home, business or condo? Then, let the bottle depot come to you! Thanks to our bottle pickup service, returning your bottles has never been easier! With our bottle pick up services, you have two options for collecting your refund. It can be sent to you via e-transfer, or you can donate it to a charitable organization. Our partner organizations that can pick up your bottles include SkipTheDepot and Empties to Winn (available only to our Edmonton customers).