Multiple Locations In Alberta

With five locations throughout Alberta, Green Bottle Depot is proud to serve many communities as their recycling depot of choice. You can find us in Edmonton, Banff, and Fort McMurray.

Recycling depots play an essential role in protecting the planet we live on, and we are proud to offer top-quality services. When you save your bottles to return to the depot, you are helping to protect the planet. You are also getting a cash return. Every can and jug recycled puts money back in your wallet. Think green when considering bottle recycling, and visit the local Green Bottle Depot near you. By focusing on recycling, we’re making the world a better place.


Why Green Bottle Depot?

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Innovative Technology

When you visit the bottle depot, details are important to make sure you have a quality experience. Green Bottle Depot utilizes innovative technology to ensure that every can is counted and not a bottle is missed.

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Clean Facilities

We focus on keeping Green Bottle Depot locations as clean as possible. By keeping our facilities clean, we want to make our customers feel welcome and appreciated for doing their part in saving the planet.


Focused On Customer Service

Our customers deserve the best customer service. What does that mean for you? It means having a great experience recycling your beverage containers and always being greeted by friendly staff.

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Environmental Stewardship

Our planet is front of mind when considering the importance of recycling. As a bottle depot, we pride ourselves on our unique ability to help the planet. Working toward a greener future is what we love to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pick up service work?

With our bottle pick-up service, we send a team to your location to collect the empties you’d like to recycle. To learn more about our innovative bottle pick-up services, please visit our Pick up service page to learn more. You can also book a pick up service online.

How do I start a bottle drive?

Are you interested in running a bottle drive? Visit our Bottle Drives page to learn more. It’s easy to book a bottle drive online using our reservation tool, so reserve your timeslot today!

What is Drop&Go?

Hate waiting in line to get a handful of cash? Use Drop&Go! Skip the line and get paid online. Drop&Go is a part of SkipTheDepot, an app which makes bottle depot visits quick and simple. It is an easy 3-step process to get started.

1. Download or register for SkipTheDepot

Download SkipTheDepot on the App Store,  Google Play or register online. Find your 4 character customer ID in the app or website. (Example: H4PY)

2. Put your ID on your bags and drop them off

Write your 4-digit customer ID on your bags and drop the bags into the designated Drop&Go area! Carry on with your day.

3. That’s it! Cash out or donate to charity

We will count your bags and credit your account within 48 hours after pickup. We even show you what we counted! You can cash out via Interac e-Transfer or donate your refunds to a local charity!

How much will I get paid for my bottles?

10¢ for container volume 1 litre or less.
25¢ for container volume more than 1 litre.

Visit our refund amounts page to learn more.


Charitable partners

At Green Bottle Depot, we are proud to partner with several charitable organizations in Alberta. We do this to offer our customers the chance to donate their bottle returns toward their cause of choice. This is a fantastic opportunity to give back while doing your part for our planet. We encourage our clients to review our list of charitable partners and consider donating to a cause.