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The choice to run a bottle drive is exciting! And with how easy running a bottle drive of your own is, it’s no wonder why so many people choose this as a way to raise money for their organization. If you think it is time to run a bottle drive, Green Bottle Depot can help. Our partner, SkipTheDepot, offers virtual bottle drives. These can be booked through the SkipTheDepot app.

All of our locations can run bottle drives, so if you need us, your local Green Bottle Depot can help you run the perfect bottle drive. When you book a bottle drive with Green Bottle Depot, your organization is taking a step in the right direction toward raising money for your good cause! Whether buying new sports equipment or funding a charitable act, a bottle drive is an excellent way to bring in some cash. When communities come together, action happens.




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Book Your Bottle Drive With A Green Bottle Depot

Green Bottle Depot can help you facilitate your bottle drive. First, select your bottle drive location and fill out the form to register for a 4-hour time slot. Make sure you have your information ready for booking and be prepared to be contacted by your local Green Bottle Depot manager should you choose to use a trailer. Please note that the trailers are subject to availability. As such, we cannot guarantee a trailer for your depot unless you book in advance.

Should you elect to host your bottle drive through SkipTheDepot, they will pick up the bottles for you, saving you the trip to the depot. In addition, SkipTheDepot allows you to receive an e-transfer for the funds collected or donate to a charity of your choosing. Our staff are here for you and your bottle drive, and we look forward to helping you in any way possible. If you have any questions or need assistance while booking a bottle drive, don’t hesitate to contact your local Green Bottle Depot.